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Heeeelp, I don,t know how to sync music !

2008-05-03 11:10:26 by tchouff

I don't know if it's the right place for asking help, but I'll try anyway :
Every time I make a animated video on flash, I work to sync the music, but when I add it on newground, my videos are all messed up, totally out of sync. Why the fuck ??? Even if I had a preloader in the beggining ! I just make a new layer for my music... Is their any other way I can add music on flash ??
It's killing me !! @_@


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2008-05-03 12:57:18

You can host the music files someplace else and link to them from within the flash, but they won't be loaded by the preloader, so that'll only give you more trouble. Everything should sync fine . . .


2008-11-08 23:30:47

Is the audio event stream or start? Put it on stream. That should help. Can't think of anything else it would be.


2008-11-09 01:34:13

Check if your audio is stream or event and toggle with those. If that doesnt work I'd suggest using the "attach sound object method" that attaches music to the first frame of the animation by creating and object from a song in the .FLA library. This method is truly flawless and I use it for all my audio purposes. Chek it out online and you cant find it I can post the code for it on here.


2008-11-30 15:15:35

Check with Adam Phillips, he has tutorials and does tech support :P

His homepage is here:

Has some nice flashes there too.


2009-01-04 00:40:56

You may want to ask some people who have done good lip synching...
Because I don't really know anyone off the top of my head (besides snowdragon at, that's probably all I'm going to say... Oh, and if you wan't more comments, i'd suggest going to other people's pages and becoming friends or just commenting. Also, you might want to get or make a user pic...